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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Emory Continuing Education’s AI/DL curriculum -- designed for college graduates and working professionals -- focuses on practical applications and core concepts to prepare participants for real-world business problems and AI-related careers. The course blends theoretical elements and hands-on, problem-solving techniques in order to build a solid foundation in various AI, ML, and DL methodologies. Students will gain practical training in developing, optimizing, and scaling intelligent systems for diverse, cutting-edge applications.

In addition to implementing DL and AI functionality in Python, students will work with in-demand platforms including TensorFlow, Keras, and NVIDIA digits. These tools enable students to build and optimize AI applications without getting lost in the underlying theoretical concepts. The concluding Capstone projects will allow students to form teams and address actual business case scenarios.

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the core principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning (DL)
  • Identify the AI application that is best suited to address a specific problem
  • Evaluate, integrate and use relevant tools such as Python, Keras, TensorFlow, and NVIDIA to develop AI applications and products
  • Implement and develop AI applications to address real world problems
  • Integrate and apply the science of AI and ML to solve advanced data analytics problems
  • Implement cutting edge DL algorithms
  • Build, optimize, and scale ML and DL models in diverse domains ranging from Computer vision, NLP, and Audio Processing
  • Master the most in-demand AI and DL frameworks and tools