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Compelling American Conversations for Non-Native English Speakers

Practice conversational English in the classroom through a series of activities—game playing, presentations, role playing, and others—that will help you with your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, help you to correctly ask questions, and help you speak English more confidently. You’ll also research topics of conversation via social media, and reflect on your fellow students’ own communication styles and habits.

Students will practice in pairs, small groups, and with the class as a whole. Additionally, students will be expected to do approximately 2 hours each week of preparation for the next class session to include outside reading, research, or textbook exercises.


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Practice real-world conversations to gain confidence with the English language
  • Practice vocabulary, pronunciation, and usage to improve comprehension, expand word and phrase bank, and increase fluency
  • Choose appropriate idioms and phrasal verbs to include in conversations
  • Practice listening and responding through stories, conversation activities, and class discussions