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Event Planning: Design the Experience

Creative themes and ‘experience strategies’ can help ignite social and corporate events by setting the mood, stimulating the minds, and tempting the senses of your attendees. Join us to learn how to develop a unique and imaginative approach to your events utilizing various design, décor, and collateral elements. We will also cover live entertainment components -- including performers and musicians -- to effectively establish the ambiance, underscore the message and delight your guests. Complete the total package with a successful proposal for your potential clients!

Students must complete Event Planning: Introduction before taking this course.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Choose key questions for the client consultation in order to plan and execute a successful event design
  • Identify experience design trends and inspiration sources to implement in the event strategy
  • Develop an experience design that enhances the event and supports the event messaging
  • Identify and describe the resources available for obtaining décor
  • Assemble creative elements for room/venue/space décor
  • Select creative entertainment elements to support the event theme
  • Share a compelling story of the event vision with potential clients