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Event Planning: Connect with Technology

Lights, camera, action! Technology can bring your events to life with fun and practical online features and apps, dynamic lighting, razor-sharp video and crystal-clear audio – but first, you must become familiar with both the technology used to inform guests for your events, as well as elements of the of audio-visual (A/V) equipment. Explore how to effectively read and understand A/V proposals, and discuss what technology features are optional versus necessary – especially when tailoring technology for your event-specific needs and objectives.

Students must complete Event Planning: Introduction before taking this course.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define basic audio-visual equipment and their common options, and production terminology
  • Choose the correct sound, video, lighting and stage elements based on the event needs and messaging goals, in order to service specific purposes in an event setting
  • Communicate effectively with speakers and presenters in order to determine their audio visual needs, and provide the appropriate equipment
  • Describe the registration technology options including registration websites and onsite registration equipment
  • Describe the applications and uses of a mobile event app