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Event Planning: Develop an Edge on Execution

Want a professional edge as an event planner? Go beyond basic logistics planning and identify the critical elements and insights like an experienced veteran. Learn how to conduct an effective venue site visit and develop an accurate risk management plan while proactively recognizing safety regulations; then integrate this knowledge to better manage your staff and vendors for a successful program. Study how to execute an event with confidence while utilizing best practices and proper business ethics to keep your internal and external clients happy – then evaluate your event results to get valuable feedback while demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI) to ensure an estimable reputation with clients and peers.

Students must complete Event Planning: Introduction before taking this course.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct a successful site visit to determine a venue’s viability and needs
  • Identify and proactively mitigate common safety concerns, and create a risk management document
  • Explain how to build an event environment conducive to attendees’ comfort which simultaneously accommodates potential ADA needs
  • Identify and proactively mitigate potential environmental impact concerns, including food waste
  • Determine the appropriate types of staff for an event and describe how to manage them effectively
  • Identify the best practices involved in taking charge on site and ensuring a successful relationship with staff, clients and vendors