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Event Planning: Focus on Food and Beverage

Memorable meals often serve as the cornerstone of social and corporate events -- learn how to create optimal, crowd-pleasing menus to delight your guests while managing various dietary concerns and issues. We will also explore food and beverage budget management so you can maximize value while providing attendees with satisfying and delicious experiences.

Students must complete Event Planning: Introduction before taking this course.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Choose menus that are appropriate for the specific type of event
  • Describe the food and beverage choices appropriate to guests based on their profile
  • Work with caterers and banquet departments and understand their functionalities and capabilities
  • Optimize a food and beverage budget
  • Plan for special dietary needs and proactively manage offerings to ensure an equally satisfying meal experience
  • Explain how to avoid food waste as much as possible and make use of excess food
  • Describe current food trends to design creative and modern menus