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Executive Presence for the Non-Executive

As professionals progress through the early stages of their careers, performance and results often matter most. But moving forward, executive presence -- or lack thereof -- can significantly impact an individual’s career growth. Our introspective and engaging two-day course takes a close look at author Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s three pillars of executive presence: how you act (gravitas), how you speak (communication) and how you look (appearance). Join us to develop a specific plan for achieving the presence which executives admire: learn to project confidence, demonstrate emotional intelligence, command the room, polish your appearance and more as you strive for the ‘it’ factor in order to open executive-level doors.

Completion of a brief, online assessment prior to the course is required; to ensure timely analysis, we recommend enrolling at least 3-5 days prior to course start date.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Define and explain Executive Presence
  • Develop a detailed plan for enhancing your executive presence in terms of your:
    • Gravitas (how you act)
    • Projecting confidence
    • Speaking truth to those in power
    • Demonstrating emotional intelligence
    • Excelling in difficult situations
    • Communication (how you speak)
    • Leveraging DiSC communication styles
    • Speaking skills
    • Commanding a room
    • Appearance (how you look)
    • Polish and grooming
    • Clothing
  • Develop strategies to overcome feedback failures to get honest, productive insight