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Microsoft Access: Accessing the Possibilities

Create and manage your own Access database! Join us as we build and edit queries, tables, forms and reports for data manipulation. Explore various database objects, relationships, and primary keys while learning how to properly and efficiently utilize various Access functionalities. Course is best suited for current Access or intermediate Excel users with knowledge in database and/or table sorting/filtering functions. Homework is assigned between the classes.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create an Access database with tables, forms, queries and reports
  • Understand Database Objects including tables, forms, queries and reports
  • Construct tables with text, date, numerical, and other fields
  • Use input masks to aid in entering and editing data for SSN, date, and other fields
  • Build queries for data manipulation and working with various types of criteria
  • Create forms for editing, deleting, viewing, and inputting data
  • Establish primary keys for our tables and appropriate relationships
  • Edit tables and fields, queries, forms, and reports to add functionality and customization