Leading Technologies: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Data Analytics

Join us for 10 full-day sessions spread over ten weeks to gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical and practical elements of big data analytics. Topics include: data structure, warehousing, data mining and analysis, pattern recognition, trends analysis, data relevancy, data modeling, predictive and descriptive analytics, data visualization techniques and more. The courses also utilizes big data analytical tools and products -- such as Splunk -- as participants gain familiarity with the applications of these products. Next course begins: Sat, Sep 15

Business Intelligence

The program employs applied training techniques with participants forming data analytics teams to solve business problems and identify solutions, practically applying learned concepts to real-world cases. Key areas of BI covered include: data collection, data preprocessing, data storage, data queries, basic data mining, descriptive data analytics, data visualization, and results presentation. Program participants will also receive training in the use of products such as Excel, SQL, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau to collect, extract, mine, analyze, visualize and present business data. Next course begins: Sat, Sep 29

Cybersecurity and Information Systems Security

Our program is designed to deliver broad coverage of the theory and practices of information security in an applied format. Key areas of coverage include system security analysis, threats and vulnerabilities, enterprise system monitoring, attack detection and defensive measures, malware behavior and detection, risk and recovery management, network security risks and defensive tools, cryptography, security standards, cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT), applications of artificial intelligence/machine learning in cybersecurity, and security systems audits. Next course begins: Sat, Sep 15

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Participants will learn to develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications to address real-world business problems using tools such as Python, TensorFlow, Keras, and NVIDIA. Additionally, our applied intensive course will provide a background in machine learning (ML) concepts so that participants will understand the reason for applying various solutions that optimize AI applications. An ideal course for working professionals. Next info session: Tue, Nov 20