Landscape Design I: Understanding the Site – Meeting 1 (8 hours)

Intended for hobbyists, amateur landscape designers and professionals wishing to broaden their residential design skills, the course will provide vital foundational concepts for creating functional crowd pleasing landscape plans. Students will learn to assess landscape conditions found in typical residential settings as well as outdoor room components popular in today's market. Basic design terms and processes and creating a base map, site inventory, and an analysis map will also be covered. Students will take part in a site visit and must provide their own transportation.

Landscape Design II (Residential): Designing Winning Landscape Plans – Meetings 2-5 (8 hours)

In the second part of the foundational course for our landscape design program, students will use the skills developed in part one to create functional landscape diagrams and apply preliminary design guidelines and principles. By learning and practicing basic graphic skills, students will be able to create visually appealing plans. Students will then draw conceptual master plans using and demonstrating an understanding of the master plan process including the use of form and spatial compositions. Incorporating the elements of sustainability will be woven through every lesson.

Right Plant, Right Place: Succeeding with Plants – Meeting 6 (2 hours)

Designed for the person who wants to get down and dirty with plants that really work in the garden--no high maintenance, low tolerance plants allowed. Learn to use the best plants for your area and how to create stunning plans that thrive for years to come. Learn how to select the right plant for the right place and stop wasting time and money on plants that look miserable for years.

Sticks and Stones: Hardscapes Made Simple – Meeting 7 (2 hours)

No matter how good your skills are with plants, you will never be a complete landscape designer if you do not understand how to effectively design walls, patios, decks, fences, and arbors. Come learn the fundamentals and secrets of hardscape construction by taking your designs to a whole new level. Using wood, stone, bricks, and mortar can be expensive and time-consuming, so don't take chances.

Bringing the Master Plan to Life: Plan Graphics – Meeting 8 (2 hours)

Bring your landscape plans to life by adding dynamic colors, graphics and pictures. No matter how great your designs are, you need a way to communicate your vision and this class will show you how.

Capstone – Meetings 9-11 (6 hours)

These are the classes that pull all your landscape design skills together. You will complete the landscape design you began in the first class adding plant names, hardscape selections and beautiful color graphics. Along the way you’ll be getting live in-class feedback on your progress from Holly and Eric. Next you’ll create a “take-off” where you capture elements forming the first step in job cost estimating. After learning how to present your plan you will be given your opportunity to “sell” your design to the class.

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Textbook and Supplies: Supplies and textbook are not included in the tuition but are recommended for the courses. All supplies can be purchased at Binders ( You will need to purchase one of each item on the supply list found HERE.

Residential Landscape Architecture (Booth and Hiss, 6th Edition) is recommended for this certificate and can be purchased HERE.