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De'Mun Oakley


De'Mun Oakley

Unbelievably refreshing, unabashedly honest and undeniably hilarious this comedian was born to entertain. With subjects ranging from Mules to Black Cavemen, De'Mun Oakley is what you didn't realize that you've been craving so badly.

Having the opportunity to write with George Wallace and appear with Rory Scovel on his first NETFLIX special he embodies cross-cultural comedy. Neither "Mainstream" nor "Urban" comedy properly describes his artistic approach.

Performing with industry leaders such as Bill Burr, Rodney Perry, Dave Attell, Kevin Hart and Bill Bellamy his performances hold up to his headlining contemporaries. With a renewed look on the art form and an insatiable hunger to devour the world of comedy, De'Mun Oakley is a modern artist who paints with all the classic elements of humor.