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Shelley Riden


Shelley Riden

A youthful interest in literature led me to a BA in English, whereas an interest in human development (and a desire to earn a living!) steered me to an MA in Human Resource Development, in which field I spent my corporate life. After retirement in 2006, I returned to my first love, but combined it with my second.

I noticed that great works of fiction provide snapshots of the beliefs, mores, and assumptions of the times in which they were written. The inevitable development of social culture, over time, is exciting to observe. Occasionally, works of fiction show us that the author him-or-herself was an important part of awakening minds and hearts to new perspectives. And these things make a fascinating study!

Being a lifelong learner and seeker, I also have a fascination with spiritual mysticism, which led me to seek out and study with various masters over the years, particularly since retirement. I currently serve as Spiritual Head of the Temple of the Inner Self, in Atlanta, GA ( and am the creator of the Connecting All Hearts™ meditation (which is broadcast monthly on the AllOnePeace channel of YouTube).