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Sarah D Carlson



Sarah D CarlsonSarah is a career coach, professor, public speaker, and professional development powerhouse. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Political Science at the University of Arizona and her law degree from Harvard Law School in 2007. After law school, Sarah clerked for a federal judge in Atlanta and then practiced commercial litigation at a top law firm in New York City. In 2011, Sarah made a powerful personal decision to leave her law practice and re-orient herself to her core strengths, interests, and values. At that point, she moved from New York City to Haiti, where she built schools and water filters after the earthquake of 2010. After Haiti, Sarah then started working at Emory Law School as a career coach and Director of the Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy. In that role, Sarah worked with hundreds of law students helping them find work that aligned with their core strengths, interests, and values. At Emory Law, Sarah also became adjunct faculty creating the first for-credit professional development course called Professional Narrative. Her coursework, which is designed to teach students how to advocate for themselves as professionals, was then expanded and made mandatory for all first-year students and has been adapted and taught to all kinds of professionals. Outside of higher education, Sarah also expanded her career coaching to work with practicing lawyers, non-lawyers, and people in all walks of their professional lives and speaks nationally on professional development topics. In addition to her professional endeavors, Sarah also has a beautiful English bulldog named Turkey, and is a passionate traveler, singer, yogi, and coffee enthusiast.