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Dr. Dennis Martin


Dr. Dennis  Martin

Dennis has always been a thinker and a learner. Fascinated by the history of ideas, he requested as his high school graduation present the 54-volume set of the Great Books of the Western World. He earned his BS in mathematics at Georgia Tech and his PhD in philosophy at Emory University. Dennis has taught, lectured, or presented papers at more than 15 universities on topics including ethics, business ethics, logic, decision-making, humanities, and the history of ideas. Additionally, Dennis directed a four-year college program in Atlanta from 1985 to 2000, hiring and supervising a faculty of 50 while raising enrollment from 180 students to over 800. After retiring in 2014 to care for his dying mother in North Carolina, Dennis returned to Atlanta in 2018 and now finds teaching at OLLI to be the icing on his career cake.