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Jonathan Christopher Williams


Jonathan Christopher WilliamsWith over 18 years of experience in the landscape industry Jonathan has a keen understanding of design and creating sustainable landscapes. As an artist, he takes a creative approach to each project using the elements and principles of design to develop stunning landscapes. Working as a project manager for many years Jonathan has a firm understanding of the real-world challenges in landscape installation. Taking this into consideration he has a very thorough and thoughtful process to every design, always considering how the spaces he creates will be used and cared for. His designs gracefully blend structure and nature, with the goal of bringing unity and order to the landscape. Jonathan has worked on projects featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle, as well as high-end residential, commercial office, and retail landscape design. He obtained his Landscape Design Certification from Emory University.

Jonathan is an accomplished artist who specializes in architectural renderings which he sells internationally. He lives in North Georgia with his wife and two children where he has a passion for writing poetry and restoring antiques in his spare time.