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Molly Lay


Molly LayNationally certified personal trainer and fitness leader: ANWA [American Nordic Walking Association], NETA [National Exercise Trainers Association] and NIA White Belt [Neuromuscular Integrative Action] and serves as Chairman of the Board of Bodies-in-Motion, Inc. Recent re-certification clinics include Exercise and Arthritis [DSW], Pilates Mat Science [AFAA], Active-Isolated Stretching Technique [BIMI] and Programming for the Visually Impaired Client [DSW]. After leading high-intensity fitness classes and training individuals for 35 years [when I wasn't managing architectural firms, serving as editor of a national magazine or designing databases], I went searching for some fitness modality I could share with others well into my old age and discovered Nordic Pole Walking, the best exercise in the universe. After training and experiencing the value of this physical activity and its effect on my brain plasticity, I pledged to share this challenging low-impact, full body workout with as many individuals as I could. Teaching at OLLI is just one of my venues but it is a sector of our community that can appreciate the value, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this activity that is available to anyone who can walk. Nordic Walking: outdoor, low-impact, addresses both strength and aerobic segments of fitness in one daily walk, challenging your brain and improving your gait and your posture with or without the poles.