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Irma Starr

Ph.D., Director of Education for The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice


Irma Starr

Irma has an accomplished career which includes 30 years effort in the pursuit of social justice and the celebration of human value.

Irma is a life coach and certified mediator for the State of Georgia. She holds a Doctorate and M.S. in Human Organization Development, a post masters degree in Gerontology, a M.A. in Guidance and counseling and a B.S. in K-12 Education.

Her far-reaching expertise in, and understanding of organizational management, program development, curriculum design, facilitation and training, as well as community relations, has made Irma a sought-after educational consultant and trainer.

Aside from teaching on the University level, Irma is a respected lecturer and presenter nationwide at state, regional and national educational conferences and symposiums, as well as public and private school systems.

Over the years, Irma has been the recipient of many awards and accolades for her contribution to action, education, and advocacy. Her authenticity, genuine kindness and far reaching sense of what is fair and right, endear her to all who seek her skills and advice.

"In a just society, educators need to be diplomats and ambassadors of tact, sensitivity, and empathy. Our role is to facilitate positive interactions among the multiplicity of personalities and cultures, beliefs, ethnicities and ideals of those around us." ~Irma Starr Ph.D.


PhD, MS (Human Organization Development), post-masters in Gerontology, MA (Guidance and Counseling), and BS (K-12 Education)