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Hank J Van Driel

Executive Chef, Culinologist, Manager of Research and Development at Nestle


Hank J  Van Driel

Chef Hank got his culinary education at Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands. He also received diplomas in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Hank has worked as a chef at Hotels, Restaurants in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain. In England, he worked at the Airport Restaurant in Liverpool in 1962, at that time the Beatles became popular and he saw them play at their "Cavern" club. He then worked on the "SS Nieuw Amsterdam" from the Holland-America Line, when they mostly still did regular Atlantic Crossings between Rotterdam and New York. On one of his visits to NYC, he decided America was the place to be and has been here ever since. He has worked in the Pocono's in PA at a Honeymoon resort and at restaurants and clubs in NYC and Baltimore. While at the Baltimore Country Club as an Executive Chef, he took care of the reception for V.P. Spiro Agnew's daughter's wedding. President Nixon also attended that reception. In 1969, he became a Research and Development Chef for the Nestle Company. There he worked on Flavor Development and on numerous food products from soups to nuts (but not on chocolate products). He retired from Nestle after 25 years in 1994, but remained working as a consultant for several other food companies for a number of years. He will now attempt to pass on to his students some of his 65 years of culinary knowledge.