"I knew that I was at a point in my life where I was looking for something else, both personally and professionally -- but I wasn’t sure if I wanted a full degree. After discussing options with a career counselor, I started looking into Health Coaching. [The choice] combined my professional experience and personal interests while keeping the main goal / concept in mind: helping others lead a healthy life.

It felt like the right time for me – time-wise, lifestyle-wise, and career-wise. I learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time. About half way through the program I noticed a change in me that solidified that I made the right choice; the skills that I was incorporating into my daily life demonstrated that the instructors were top notch.

This certificate has already helped me personally and professionally; from being more positive to not letting things get to me as easily, to meeting others and helping others by coaching them and seeing them accomplish their goals. I definitely recommended ECE’s Health Coach program!"

Amanda C.

"I enrolled in Emory’s program because of the curriculum, pricing, reputation of the school, learning platform (online), the weekly evening class option and the educational/professional background of the instructors. The instructors demonstrated commitment to mentoring students and presenting the Health & Wellness field in an engaging and comprehensive manner. The skills I learned at Emory are transferable to my overall professional goals of becoming a Mental Health Counselor. I would recommend this program to others who are looking to enter the Health Coaching field."

- Javier Z.

"I will say that this program is one of the best things I have done in a long time. It’s so wonderful to be around instructors who are so dedicated, so available, so passionate and so willing to connect with their students. I loved the connection with other classmates throughout the triad sessions. These opportunities for smaller groups really made the program so valuable for me."

- Allison F.