Event Planning Certificate - Curriculum

Event Planning: Introduction

Successful events require a tremendous amount of knowledge, resources, and behind-the-scenes production. Our engaging exercises will provide expert event planning tips and techniques from conception to execution -- learn how to plan and manage logistics, catering, audio-visual elements and more. Discover how to proactively take control of event details in order to create memorable and worthwhile experiences for your attendees as your stakeholders applaud your impeccable leadership.

Event Planning: Connect with Technology

Lights, camera, action! Technology can bring your events to life with fun and practical online features and apps, dynamic lighting, razor-sharp video and crystal-clear audio -- but first, you must become familiar with both the technology used to inform guests for your events, as well as elements of the of audio-visual (A/V) equipment. Explore how to effectively read and understand A/V proposals, and discuss what technology features are optional versus necessary especially when tailoring technology for your event-specific needs and objectives.

Event Planning: Develop an Edge on Execution

Want a professional edge as an event planner? Go beyond basic logistics planning and identify the critical elements and insights like an experienced veteran. Learn how to conduct an effective venue site visit and develop an accurate risk management plan while proactively recognizing safety regulations; then integrate this knowledge to better manage your staff and vendors for a successful program. Study how to execute an event with confidence while utilizing best practices and proper business ethics to keep your internal and external clients happy -- then evaluate your event results to get valuable feedback while demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI) to ensure an estimable reputation with clients and peers.

Event Planning: Focus on Food and Beverage

Memorable meals often serve as the cornerstone of social and corporate events -- learn how to create optimal, crowd-pleasing menus to delight your guests while managing various dietary concerns and issues. We will also explore food and beverage budget management so you can maximize value while providing attendees with satisfying and delicious experiences.

Event Planning: Design the Experience

Creative themes and ‘experience strategies’ can help ignite social and corporate events by setting the mood, stimulating the minds, and tempting the senses of your attendees. Join us to learn how to develop a unique and imaginative approach to your events utilizing various design, décor, and collateral elements. We will also cover live entertainment components -- including performers and musicians -- to effectively establish the ambiance, underscore the message and delight your guests. Complete the total package with a successful proposal for your potential clients!

Event Planning Certificate Capstone

Students will apply critical event planning concepts toward the development of an individual capstone: a complete event plan representing the student’s final project -- as well as a foundational component of a professional portfolio.