Our Solutions Process

Our goal is to properly align your learning and talent development needs with your organization’s strategic goals. We can best accomplish this by following the process below.

Our Solutions Process

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Initial Consultation

Needs Analysis

Our goal is to properly align your learning and talent development needs with your organization's strategic goals. We can best accomplish this by conducting a needs analysis. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your organization, what you wish to accomplish, and how it will impact your business results when successfully completed. We firmly believe that training must be purposeful, relevant, and improve participants and the organizations they support. Learning about your vision and initiatives helps us to create training recommendations that accomplish these results.

Although we follow well-established adult learning best practices and have a team of subject-matter experts on staff, a needs analysis is essential in discovering the specific needs of your organization and setting accurate expectations for business results. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the value of training your employees have received and that participants are engaged and excited about their training experience. We have succeeded when your employees leave a training program with performance improvement tools they can use immediately on the job.

What Happens During the Process
The needs analysis is essentially a conversation focused on obtaining details that are relevant to the goals and expectations you have for training. Communicating background that supports the behaviors you want to teach, redirect, or enhance is also helpful.

Information that we typically cover includes:

  • What you want to improve and why it is important or necessary to address
  • The bigger picture or the current or past company environment (moves, mergers, reductions, etc.)
  • How this training will fit into the bigger picture and company goals
  • Your goals and expectations for the training
  • Future goals for your organization
  • Timeframe for the program
  • Your training environment (both cultural and physical aspects), how it's viewed, how well it's supported, and where it occurs in your facility
  • Vital information regarding setup of program, such as schedules of participants, best times of month for training, upcoming important company events, and additional locations

By conducting the needs analysis, we can assess the obvious goals or challenges and understand the intangible needs and how they all tie together. From the analysis, we will make and deliver recommendations for the training solutions that will meet your needs.

Solutions Design & Recommendation


When the needs assessment indicates a need for content or course tailoring, Emory Corporate Learning can utilize a number of unique tools. Specific case studies or business scenarios provide organizational focus to classroom training. Performance management systems can be incorporated into our curriculum to accelerate manager skill application. We can also accommodate when an organization wants to include specific assessment metrics into our course or program evaluation process or use some of our unique approaches. Our extensive business and industry experience in designing and delivering learning solutions to a wide range of organizations enables us to tailor or customize content and delivery while linking learning outcomes to key organizational strategies.


Based on the needs analysis, we recommend the best learning solutions to meet participant and organizational learning objectives. The solution could be a one-day professional development class, a series of technical training classes, or one of our certificate programs comprised of multiple modules and delivered over a two or three month period. Regardless of the learning solution we offer, participants will be engaged and challenged by the learning experience and acquire tools that they can use immediately to improve job performance.

Program Setup & Pre-Work

Program Setup

At Emory Corporate Learning, our team members strive to pursue our Mission. We extend Emory's values and vision by acting as a bridge between the University and the local business community through innovation, initiative, respect, integrity, excellence, and fun.

We work together to provide you with corporate training solutions that are customized for your organization's unique needs and situations. In working with us, you can expect a fluid consultation and logistical process from the initial needs analysis and information-gathering to the scheduling, production, and delivery of corporate training classes by our qualified instructors.


Many courses involve pre-work and assessments to help provide customized feedback to individuals on their communication and management styles, as well as prepare them for in-class discussion and activities. Emory Corporate Learning uses on-line assessments that quickly and uniquely evaluate each participant's responses to a series of topic-related questions, which are then translated into a report that is particular to each participant. Assessment results are integrated into courses that are customized based on the results.

Delivery of Solution

Emory Corporate Learning collaborates with the client organization to determine the optimum delivery approach to ensure that targeted learning and performance outcomes are achieved. Numerous factors must be considered such as participants' levels of experience and expertise, their work schedules, relevant learning technology, and classroom learning environment. The most common delivery options that meet the needs of the client organization and the individual learners include the following.

Value of Face-to-Face Training

Instructor-led courses ensure maximum skill development and job application for our clients. We consistently meet or exceed client needs and expectations by combining solid training curricula, which is built on meaningful adult learning models and delivered through our cadre of experienced classroom instructors. Since our bottom-line training focus is skill and knowledge application, our instructors utilize role playing, case studies, and action plans in a safe learning environment to accelerate job performance enhancement.

Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

Organizational Site

For both convenience and training impact, Emory Corporate Learning delivers most of its learning solutions at the sponsoring organization site or designated training venue. Materials, topics, and language can be tailored to fit your environment, ensuring that the learning complements the day-to-day activities of participants. Additional benefits of onsite training include, emphasis on unique business challenges, targeting of specific skills or behavior, and reinforcement of desired learning outcomes through incorporating executive leadership participation.

Emory Hosted Classes

Our facilities, which include computer labs and traditional classrooms, can be utilized for organizations requiring an alternative training location. Some of our resources include networked desk top computers, multi-functional audio/visual technology, and coffee and lunch service.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment classes allow individuals or organizations to receive training at our Emory facility. When an organization has only a few employees to be trained, this is a cost effective way to provide training or test drive a new offering.

Hybrid Model

For clients who require a more flexible delivery format, our hybrid model is an option. Organizations can receive selected training courses onsite at their location, while sending individuals to ECE's open enrollment courses as needed. Typically, courses that are pertinent to specific populations are run at a client's site. These courses are then supplemented through a variety of courses offered in open enrollment, allowing participants to focus on skills that may show up in individual development plans.

Feedback & Follow-up

Beyond the Classroom

With our emphasis in developing performance skills, we have achieved success through the years with instructor-led management, technical and professional development programs, and classes. We also recognize that proper application of adult learning principles requires a blended approach when appropriate.

Based on the results of the client-focused needs analysis, we often incorporate unique tools and techniques to expand learning and skill application beyond the classroom setting. Elements, such as assessments, surveys, outside reading, virtual classroom discussions, and pre- and post-tests can enhance learning and also provide some unique measurement tools for our clients. Other common learning management tools include business scenarios, case studies, and organization specific projects that provide opportunities for training participants to demonstrate their skill and business acumen application. In the near future, we will also provide web-based learning in certain topics or subject areas.

"Emory provides tools that allow class participants to take a deep, internal look at their personal styles and then build simple but very effective techniques to relate to others..."

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