Clients and Testimonials

Our Clients

As a leader in corporate and professional education in the Southeast, Emory Corporate Learning programs provide hands-on, need-specific, learning solutions to small, medium, and large organizations in the region and beyond.

Our clients all share a common need for high-quality, cost-effective and proactive professional employee development and learning solutions; they depend on Emory Corporate Learning to maximize the return on their training investment by helping employees reach their potential.

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Some Examples of Corporate Learning Partners:

  • InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Jackson Healthcare
  • The Home Depot
  • Georgia Power
  • Auto Trader
  • Turner
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Southern Company
  • OCI Chemical Corporation
  • CGI
  • Hagemeyer North America
  • Arch Chemical
  • Barco
  • CDC
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • DuPont
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Emory University
  • Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
  • Manheim
  • Maxxis International
  • Merial
  • Novelis
  • National Peanut Board
  • NPI Financial
  • Pritchard & Jerden Insurance
  • Showtime
  • Univision
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Woodward Academy
  • Yamaha Corporation
  • Zaxby's

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Client Testimonials

"Our fears that the Emory program would not bridge well from the academic world to the bureaucratic nature of the airport were put to rest immediately. The response and participation in the program exceeded our expectations. Since the introduction and continued rotation of the Emory Essential of Management program, we have witnessed a common thread of communication within our supervisory ranks. Participants in the program consistently tell me that they have applied the concepts they received in class and have opened up communications with their staff members which has allowed for better working relationships. Additionally, during top staff meetings, past participants have spoken in glowing terms how the Emory program has assisted them in the professional growth.

The programs structure in addition to the talented instructors have made the Emory Essentials of Management Certificate Program a mainstay and required program for advancement within Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport."

D. Steven Lee
Former Director of Training, Safety & Organizational Development
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
"Scientific Atlanta was acquired by CISCO in 2006 and Bob definitely feels that the Emory Essentials of Management Certificate program has helped the organizational transition go more smoothly. Managing people is all about having and communicating a clear vision of where the organization is headed and treating people in a way that maximizes their performance and output. The Emory Essentials of Management Certificate program positively affects management skills and for the past five years has helped us develop a common language in terms of discussing organizational priorities and competencies.

According to Bob Knight, Manager of Learning and Development Solutions with CISCO, this program has been an integral part of the company's management development effort for five years. Bob stated that "the Emory Essentials of Management Certificate Program helps us develop bench strength at all levels of management and build necessary management competencies. With Emory we have a successful learning solution to developing consistent management skills and practices across our businesses and company with a nationally recognized university and thought leader in management training."

Laura Morris
"Once we started working with Emory Corporate Learning, we simply never looked back and our relationship evolved into a partnership. By partnering with ECE [Emory Continuing Education], I am able to stretch our organization’s training dollars much farther and offer higher-quality programs overall than if I were using a variety of different vendors for business skills programs. Yet, while working with ECE is both convenient and cost-effective, our primary reason for continuing this relationship is due to the outstanding content and delivery methodology they offer. Our members are clamoring to get into the Emory programs because their peers speak so highly of them when they return from training.

The "Essentials of Management Certificate Program" is particularly stimulating for our new managers, who are often technical people promoted into team leader roles. This type of promotion is especially challenging for them because technical people sometimes do not naturally possess emotional intelligence and people skills. We consider it vitally important that we give them the tools they need to do well in their new roles. We do not want them to feel overly frustrated because that could have a negative impact on our retention rates. To date, we’ve offered the Essentials of Management Certificate program to approximately 75 people since 2005 and we have retained roughly 90% of these members. I consider this a high achievement.

The program's modular design allows for creative scheduling that meets the needs of our busy professional staff. It's hard to get our managers away from their desks for four solid days, but they CAN and DO commit to whole and half days every week or two. Also, this modular programming provides time for homework that usually includes carry-though on their action planning and discussions with their managers (whom we lovingly refer to as their "MOMs"!) The "MOM" role - Manager of the Manager - is a vital piece of this program. The MOMs receive email notifications after each session explaining what is going on in the classroom along with talking points to encourage dialogue between the participants and themselves. Who better to help the new manager apply his newfound knowledge than his own manager one level higher? We're beginning to see even better dialogue occur now that some of our early program participants are moving further up the management ranks and can draw on both their own formal learning and their experience to guide their current program participants through the program.

Another reason the "Essentials of Management Certificate Program" is so effective is because it begins with a one-day Communications Skills program based on the DiSC communication styles. Throughout the program, members are encouraged to approach the learning topics with an understanding of how each of their direct report's own DiSC communication style impacts how the message being conveyed is received. We feel this one-day communications course is so important that we've incorporated it into both our Win/Win Negotiations program (for client-facing members) and our Business Essentials program (for new hires).

Emory Corporate Learning utilizes only highly qualified instructors who bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table. They are incredibly knowledgeable and exceptionally engaging. They allow us to provide our own scenarios for our courses, which makes the programs they deliver for us much more relevant for our participants. Their instructors also take the time to understand our culture and learn enough about our internal tools to give our programs a "CGI feel". We enjoy a very open and honest relationship with the ECE instructors and program managers. After each program we compare notes on what went well and what needs improvement (on both sides of the arrangement). Due to this we are able to continuously improve our results with each subsequent delivery of the program.

Our participants rave about the "Essential of Management Certificate Program". Comments such as the two below are commonplace. I could easily pull twenty more just like them out of my filing cabinet at any moment:

  • "It was well worth my time. Every module seemed to have something I could use immediately, and the instructors seemed so enthusiastic about teaching these classes that I was really motivated to learn."
  • "The DiSC model and job aids have been and will continue to be extremely useful. I definitely will be using this in my daily work activities, as well as managing my team. I have a strong background in management experience, as well as different types of management training. This was one of the best courses I have had since graduate school. The material and instructors from Emory did a fantastic job."

The staff at Emory Corporate Learning has a sincere desire to serve their clients to the very best of their ability and prove it from instructional design that incorporates the latest in adult learning theory to their flexible and accommodating nature. I never hesitate to recommend Emory Corporate Learning or the "Essentials of Management Certificate Program."

Tina M. O'Gorman
Training Manager

"This class was very helpful to me and I am already applying some actions I learned from Vivian during the course of the two days. She is engaging, competent, and provided the right level of individual focus balanced with the overall group dynamic. I found the whole experience quite rewarding."

David Camp
Sr. IT Architect
The Home Depot
"Emory provides tools that allow class participants to take a deep, internal look at their personal styles and then build simple but very effective techniques to relate to others...Our associates felt they were provided with wonderful tools to help in their daily jobs."
Senior Leader
Hagemeyer North America

"We received regular feedback that allowed our management team to stay engaged throughout the four months of classes. Even outside of the classroom we turn to Emory for advice and help on how to use their techniques in our projects, goals or tasks that we face. Emory never once felt like "training from the outside" more so they became 'partners in training' which made for a very effective platform for learning."

Senior Leader
Hagemeyer North America

"My experience working with the Emory Corporate Learning staff over the last several months has been great; all of you have been responsive, professional and a pleasure with which to work."

Toni Hannah
Talent Management Consultant
Southern Company

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