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Digital Marketing Certificate

Emory's Digital Marketing Certificate program is focused on developing the skills necessary to succeed in the digital marketing industry. Our Digital Marketing certificate program focuses on preparing students to use social media, e-commerce, web video, search engine optimization, and web analytics to communicate and market online.

Digital Marketing training can also supplement your existing knowledge and help you become a more well-rounded professional. This field is constantly evolving, and even long-time marketers may learn about new products, features, or approaches. 

Program Objectives

After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Create a professional digital marketing plan 
  • Research and develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Interpret KPIs for Google Analytics data
  • Construct a Google AdWords campaign
  • Create marketing collateral including web video
  • Build and monitor an email marketing campaign
  • Understand the facets of e-commerce and its effects on your marketing approach
  • Determine the top social platforms for your business and the best type of content for each


Students wishing to participate in this program should be comfortable using computers and the internet. It's also helpful for potential students to have experience using social media and some familiarity with marketing.

Certificate Requirements

To receive the certificate, students must:
  • Complete all seven (7) of the core courses
  • Attend at least 80% of the class sessions in each course
  • Complete all assignments and quizzes
  • Satisfy all program requirements within 18 months

All courses (aside from the Capstone) are also offered open enrollment, meaning anyone can register for them regardless of affiliation with Emory or desire to complete the certificate program.

Required Core Courses

Students may take classes in any order as long as the Capstone course is taken last.

HTML and CSS Level 1: Introduction$99519.5 hours
E-Commerce Fundamentals$69513 hours
Email Marketing Strategy$3756.5 hours
Social Media for Business: Engaging and Selling$69513 hours
Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization$69513 hours
Web Video Production Fundamentals$3756.5 hours
Digital Marketing Certificate Capstone$4758 hours
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Who Will Benefit?

The following types of students will benefit from this program:
  • Beginners interested in learning foundational digital marketing skills
  • Workers whose employers want them to gain new skills to add value to their businesses
  • Workers with traditional marketing skills who want to add digital tools to their arsenal
  • Workers who work in a related field who see opportunities for growth into digital marketing