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Developing Self Certificate

In order to grow personally and professionally, you must utilize the continuous process of self-development. Come explore and build upon your strengths and talents via research-based assessments and other tools, and work to reduce stress and other unhealthy elements both at work and at home. Turn your challenges into opportunities while learning to operate efficiently and effectively. Join us to take full advantage of your current abilities, develop new skills, and maximize your potential.

Program Objectives

After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Explore their strengths and talents as revealed through a research-based assessment, and connecting those attributes to life and career options and communication opportunities for contributing best to teams and working well with others
  • Identify and develop techniques which promote effective use of time and productivity, as part of a personal action plan to reduce bottlenecks and wasted time
  • Convert ideas into creative solutions by identifying and reducing creative blocks, reframing challenges into opportunities, and learning techniques for generating multiple ideas
  • Identify the sources of workplace stress, explore the neuroscience behind stress, and learn to apply stress management techniques to achieve an appropriate work-life balance through a plan for reducing unhealthy stress and related behaviors

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Students interested in this program should have already earned a bachelor's degree or possess equivalent professional work experience.


To receive the certificate, students must:

  • Complete all four of the core courses
  • Complete at least 18 hours of elective courses
  • Attend at least 80% of the class sessions in each course
  • Pass any end-of-class quizzes that are administered with a score of 75% or higher
  • Satisfy all program requirements within 18 months

All courses are also offered open enrollment, meaning anyone can register for them regardless of affiliation with Emory or desire to complete the certificate program.

Required Core Courses

Students must complete all of the following core courses:

Discovering Your Strengths$1954 hours
Managing Stress in the Workplace$1953 hours
Managing Your Time & Productivity$3956 hours
Solving Problems Creatively$3956 hours
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Elective Courses

Students should complete 18 hours of electives from the courses listed below. A diamond (♦) indicates a self-paced online course.

Better Business Writing$3956 hours
Collaboration Skills & Strategies$1953 hours
Communicating Collaboratively$955 hours
Creative Strategy & Visual Thinking$69512 hours
Effective Emails, Memos, and Letters$955 hours
Emotional Intelligence$4256 hours
Executive Presence for the Non-Executive$99512 hours
Improving Your Listening Skills$1953 hours
Influence & Persuasion$3756 hours
Innovation in Teams & Organizations$953 hours
Introduction to Critical Thinking$1157 hours
Leading Inclusively and Equitably Across Differences$1953 hours
Networking for Success$653 hours
Personal Branding$653 hours
Personal Creativity$953 hours
Personal Growth$953 hours
Presentations: The Power to Persuade & Inspire$3956 hours
Professional Self-Advocacy in the Workplace$3756 hours
Resiliency Design$1953 hours
Speak with Confidence$452 hours

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Who Will Benefit?

The following types of students will benefit from this program:
  • Managers, supervisors and individual contributors
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Undergraduate and graduate students