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Project Management: Integration Tools & Techniques


Most project managers have to spend crucial time managing the day-to-day. It is a balancing act between your project’s cost, scope and schedule. One change will cascade across the project and impact many different areas. For example, a schedule slip will increase the project’s cost or a budget cut will decrease the project scope. Project integration attempts to unify all the project management processes and takes a holistic view of the overall project. Project integration is the “big picture” view and examines how all aspects of the project are interrelated.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Identify Project Basics
  • Explain How to Initiate a Project
  • Recognize and explain the Importance of Planning
  • Explain the Methods and Appropriate Techniques to Execute Project Work
  • Understand and Apply Tools and Techniques to Monitor and Control Project Progress
  • Describe the Steps to Close a Project

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