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Conversational English for Non-Native Speakers


This course is designed for non-native speakers of English who wish to polish their conversational skills. The intent is to increase your confidence and fluency through guided practice that will help you improve your comprehension, expand your vocabulary, and raise your awareness of pronunciation and grammar (accuracy) issues. You will practice in pairs, small groups, and with the class as a whole. Speaking practice will include both prepared topics, improvisation, and spontaneous exchanges. Topics will be selected based on the interests of the course participants. In addition to some grammar discussion and/or practice and plenty of natural conversation, class activities may include games, role playing, presentations, and possibly a debate. Your teacher will give you personalized feedback on your grammar usage, vocabulary, and pronunciation. She will also provide suggestions for improvement and materials for further practice. No textbook required. Class is limited to 12 students to ensure individual speaking assistance and small group conversation direction.

The target level for this course is Intermediate. To find out if this class is the right level for you, please look at the video samples on the ACTFL Website

If your skills are similar to those in the Novice level, this course may be too difficult for you. If your skills are similar to those in the Advanced, Superior, or Distinguished levels, this course may not be challenging enough for you.

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