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Essentials of Leadership for Managers


Leadership is a critical part of helping employees achieve higher performance levels. This interactive workshop helps supervisors and managers build the skills they need to be effective leaders and explore their own leadership potential. The course is built on the book Developing the Leader Within You, which should be brought by each participant to class. Participants will also complete a detailed self-assessment to receive feedback about their own leadership style and its effectiveness in their role of leading others.

Completion of a brief, online assessment prior to the course is required; to ensure timely analysis, we recommend enrolling at least 3-5 days prior to course start date.


After this class, you will be able to:

  • Identify essential leadership qualities for success
  • Draw from critical leadership behaviors, including setting priorities, creating positive change, solving problems through others, and developing people
  • Bring out the best in their employees
  • Analyze their own leadership style and create a plan for developing it further

Section: LEADERMG (11DEC18)
Dates: Dec 11, 2018 - Dec 12, 2018 Time: 9:00 AM
Tuition: $825.00 Instructor: Jonathan Burman Register

What will be covered:

Identify Essential Leadership Qualities for Success
  • Recognize the difference between management and leadership
  • Describe The Five Levels of Leadership
  • Focus on the leadership characteristics that your followers will demand
  • Hone the self-discipline you need to succeed

Develop Critical Leadership Behaviors
  • Influence your way to success
  • Set priorities instead of letting them set you
  • Create positive change
  • Solve problems through others
  • Develop people if you want to achieve your goals

Bring Out the Best in Employees
  • Harness the power of consequences – the force that shapes all behavior
  • Tap into Discretionary Effort
  • Retool your recognition, reward, and reinforcement toolbox

Analyze Your Leadership Style
  • Assess your leadership style using a leadership profile self-assessment
  • Determine why people follow your particular style
  • Leverage your style for maximum impact
  • Identify what to watch out for with your leadership style
  • Create an action plan for leading your team

Class Schedule

Date Times Meeting Type Location
12/11/2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Classroom Executive Park
12/12/2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Classroom Executive Park

Additional Information

Final Enrollment: Dec 11, 2018
Clock Hours: 12.0