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SAT and PSAT Prep

Prepare to get your best possible scores on both the PSAT and SAT.

PSAT Test Preparation

The PSAT includes the same types of critical reading, math, and writing skills multiple choice questions as the SAT Reasoning Test. This program of preparation includes review sessions devoted to each of the skills required for success on the PSAT. Strengthen those areas that are weak and receive test taking strategies which will help you to receive your best score. This course is typically scheduled for early autumn, prior to the administration of the PSAT at the beginning of the school year. Textbook is not included.


SAT Test Preparation

This Intensive SAT Prep course provides you everything you need to get your best possible score on the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), including the Critical Reading section, the Mathematics section, and the Writing section. Under the guidance of an expert instructor, you will be trained to tackle all of the question types on the current SAT using the latest comprehensive test prep materials. Master the material and learn the strategies that will enable you to maximize your score. A full-length diagnostic test will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses as well as prepare you for the actual test-taking experience. Textbook is not included. Children of Emory University employees and alumni are eligible for the employee and alumni discount.