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Leading Through Change

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Leading Through Change

In every organization today, regardless of size, industry or location, change is a constant. Managers must recognize change and help their employees deal with it in a realistic and strategic manner using sound principles and workable tools. Managers must realize that people don’t resist change as much as they resist being changed. All of us respond to change differently. We don’t start at the same place, adapt at the same pace or end up in the same place. Organizational leaders don’t control change or uncertainty; rather they guide, shape and influence it.

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Recognize the impact that change has on managers and employees and how it might affect customers and other stakeholders
  • Identify their behavioral style and how they and other styles respond to change
  • Identify the actions managers can take to enable a healthy personal response to change for themselves and their employees
  • Implement a plan for handling resistors
  • Develop resiliency in themselves and those affected by change
Section: CHANGEMGR (07JUN19) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Jun 7, 2019 End Date: Jun 7, 2019 Tuition: $195.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Jonathan Burman Register