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Digital Photography Certificate Capstone

Upcoming sections of Digital Photography Certificate Program Capstone course.

Digital Photography Certificate Capstone

Students in our Digital Photography certificate program build a portfolio demonstrating experience in a variety of photographic practices as well as a refinement of personal vision. During the Capstone course, we will examine these portfolio goals and objectives as students identify personal strengths and begin to recognize target audiences. Instructor and peer feedback will create hands-on, cooperative experiences to help guide and shape each student’s portfolio as well as a class project presentation. Each student works to polish and perfect a collection of photographs representing the skills, methodologies and expertise gained via the program.

Prerequisite: This course is only available to students completing the Digital Photography Certificate.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify strengths and define goals as a photographer
  • Identify aspects of their photography which need improvement
  • Refine their vision as to the type of photography they pursue
  • Identify their target audience
  • Select appropriate images for use in a portfolio
  • Format the portfolio to achieve goals
  • Participate in a group class portfolio