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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

High performing and skilled employees who earn a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt are often hand-picked to lead complex, cross-discipline and cross-departmental improvement projects – this can result in significant financial benefit to both the company as well as your salary potential. Students will practice the primary data analysis techniques -- including Minitab® software utilization -- required of Black Belts aligned with and in support of the DMAIC methodology via lecture, hands-on examples, practical exercises and online video research. Students will also learn non-statistical change management concepts and basic financial metrics required in successful end-to-end black belt improvement projects.

Satisfactory performance on an end-of-course examination and completion of a successful Black Belt improvement project will result in receipt of an Emory Continuing Education Black Belt certificate.

Prerequisite: Completion of a Green Belt Certificate is required prior to enrolling in the Black Belt Certificate. Students are also responsible for providing their own independent project.

Upon completion of the course, in the context of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt improvement project, students will be able to:
  • Explain the concepts of data collection and analysis, be able to select the appropriate analytical technique(s) for a project, and be able to draw reasonable and credible conclusions from their analyses.
  • Demonstrate use of Minitab Statistical Software® as the key data analysis tool to support Black Belt projects.
  • Describe the complexities of change in a black belt project environment, and explain how they would manage the change process throughout the project.
  • Explain the basic financial metrics of Black Belt projects.
  • Demonstrate how they would lead an end-to-end, real-world Lean Six Sigma Black Belt improvement project using the DMAIC methodology.