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Adobe InDesign Level 2: Intermediate

Upcoming offerings of Adobe InDesign Level 2: Intermediate.

Adobe InDesign Level 2: Intermediate

Elevate your InDesign skills by creating professional-quality documents. Work with styles/formatting, import/modify graphics, and develop tables for better organization. Create proof files, generate forms, and develop EPUB files for digital publishing.

Take Adobe InDesign to the next level. Learn to create professional quality, advanced design documents and prepare them for print vendors or other mediums; export as interactive PDFs including video and buttons; or migrate files to EPUB.

The book is not required, but we recommend that you purchase it as a reference during and after the course. This book and its exercise files are made specifically for the CC2019 software used in our computer labs and may not be compatible with older versions of the software. The instructor can provide backwards-compatible files upon request.