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Agile Practitioner Advanced Badge

Earn the Agile Practitioner Advanced Badge

Agile project management practices have become the standard for software development projects. More recently, Agile has grown beyond software projects as more and more companies adopt Agile concepts and methodologies. Scrum, a subset of Agile, can also be leveraged to produce extraordinary results for stakeholders and customers.

Earners of this advanced level badge have acquired foundational knowledge of Agile and Scrum, explored real world challenges, and begun preparing for the PMI-ACP® exam.

Students have 90 days from the day they are granted access to complete this self-paced course.
Please note: Access to the course site will be granted as soon as possible but may take up to 1 business day.

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Agile Practitioner Advanced Badge Course Information

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Tuition non-credit - $1,375.00

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