William Allen

BA (history), MA (English), MPhil (English Language & Literature), MLn (Library Science)

Bill began his lifelong love for popular culture and musical theater when he wrote a paper on the history of the Broadway musical while getting his history and English degrees at the University of Louisville. After teaching at colleges in Kentucky and Indiana, he studied at the University of London (Royal Holloway College) and received the British Master of Philosophy degree in English Language and Literature with a 500-page dissertation on W. S. Gilbert (Gilbert and Sullivan). Later he received a Master of Librarianship degree from Emory and did doctoral studies in the Institute of the Liberal Arts. He held a research and archives position in the CNN Library for 19 years before retiring in 2005. He says dramatic and lyrical writing and teaching his special interest courses at OLLI-Emory now give him great pleasure and satisfaction.


Anna Andes


Anna taught Child Development and Human Relations for 15 years and served as an Instructional Specialist for 5 years. Her strong education in human development and curriculum creation led to 13 years as Curriculum Director for the Association of Unity Churches. Anna incorporates interactive learning strategies with her classes as much as possible.


Bob Bahr

MA in Television and Public Communications

Bob served as a reporter, producer, and news executive for CBS News -- where he worked with Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer and other important figures in broadcast journalism. He was nominated for a national Emmy award for his reporting in Central America. He later served as managing editor of CNN’s special projects documentary unit in Atlanta. As an independent documentary producer he produced a feature length documentary about the life of Ronald Reagan for MGM and Turner Broadcasting and award winning documentary projects for PBS’s News Hour, Entertainment Tonight and National Public Radio. In recent years he has developed several series of adult education programs on motion pictures and American culture including “The Movies That Made America,” “Hollywood and the Human Spirit” and, most recently, “The Daylight Dream – Reality and Fantasy At The Movies.”


Joe Baird


Joe served as an Administrative Law Judge with the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings. He has had a lifelong passion for American and European history and teaches courses on Liberal/Conservative Perspectives on American history, the Reformation, the Enlightenment , and Victorian England. In his leisure he writes poetry and plays golf.


Jack Balser

BS, Economics; MA, English

Jack retired from a lengthy career as a banker, and Director of a large charitable Endowment. He has served on the Board of Directors of numerous foundations and non-profit organizations and schools and continues to serve on several. He has an abiding interest and love of American and British literature. A long time OLLI student, he has recently found joy and satisfaction in teaching.


Glenn Barbour

Ph.D., Ethnomusicology and Music Education

Glenn has professional experience working with Joe Tex, Tina Turner, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Gene Chandler, and Johnnie Taylor bands. He served as a band director in the Atlanta Public Schools, was a woodwind instructor for the Atlanta School of Music, and has taught Blues, R & B and Jazz at Georgia State and Emory Universities. He is a professional woodwindist, Jazz, R & B, and Blues consultant.

Susan Kessler Barnard

BA, Journalism and Public Relations; Certified Operating Technician

For the first 25 years of her career Susan served as a surgery assistant/ “call girl for the operating room.” Her second career came from working at the Atlanta History Center where she worked in the library-archives and learned to do historical research. This led her to become an author and a history enthusiast. She was a historical columnist for the Atlanta Buckhead and Atlanta Midtown newspapers and served as the chairman of the Greater Atlanta Archaeological Society. She has authored three books; two histories on the Buckhead community, and a history of First Presbyterian Church-Atlanta.  She has also published two articles on the Muscogee (Creek) Indians in The Georgia Historical Quarterly (University of Georgia), and was a history columnist for The Atlanta Buckhead and Atlanta Midtown newspapers.


Esteban Bertera

BA, Chemistry, PhD Chemistry and Mathematical Statistics

Esteban was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His lifelong passion has been history- he started studying it as an early teenager and never stopped. His focus has been on the Roman Empire and Middle Ages, and has always tried understand history from an economic point of view, under the conviction that it is economy the ultimate driver of history. He works at The Coca Cola Company as Director of Ingredients and Technology, buy will retire in just a few months.


Rabbi David A. Baylinson

BA, Fine Arts, Rabbinical Degree with MAHL and DD degrees

Rabbi Baylinson served as a Rabbi at Temple Beth Or, Montgomery, Alabama for over 30 years. He was the Adjunct Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Huntingdon College for 25 years and Dean of the Humanities and Fine Arts College for one year. He taught in the Life Long Learning program for adults at Huntingdon for many years. He is a member of The Temple and has taught in their Lunch and Learn program. He is married to Janice K. Baylinson for 60 years, and they have 4 children and 4 grandsons .


Clarice L. Belcher

MA Education, Marshall Rosenberg enthusiast

Clarice received her MA in Education from the College of William and Mary in 1979. In 2005, she met Marshall Rosenberg and attended his workshops, including a 10-day intensive with him. For the past three years at OLLI, she developed and taught the Language of Compassion course, based on Marshall Rosenberg's work. In 2012, at the request of her students, she added a sequel course, Language of Compassion II, devoted exclusively to practicing the skills.


Marty Bennett

MA ,Education, MS, Int’l Politics/Russian Studies, BS, Aeronautical Engineering -US Air Force Academy

Marty taught high school English for 20 years in Fairfax, VA. He also spent 22 years writing, editing and teaching report writing to defense department intelligence officers.


John Bugge

PhD, English

John is a Professor Emeritus of English and the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Emory University Emeritus College. He retired in September of 2011 from the Department of English at Emory, having been its principal specialist in medieval English literature for over four decades. He inaugurated the English Department course in Arthurian literature and made it a permanent part of the curriculum in the 1980s. His other teaching and research in the medieval field has involved the Old English language, Beowulf and other works of Old English poetry and prose, and Middle English literature ranging from devotional pieces written for women to Chaucer, the Pearl poet, and Malory.


Jack Carew

BA, Marketing

Jack began his marketing career in the advertising agency business in Detroit when the big three auto companies were at the peak of their success. He moved to San Francisco where he worked for a coffee business that put him in touch with Coca-Cola . At Coca-Cola he was marketing research manager, strategic planning office manager, brand manager to introduce Diet Coke, manager of New Coke, and his final job was Vice President of Planning, Coca-Cola Enterprises. After two weeks of retirement, he began consulting for the company. He worked in Egypt, Yemen, Oman, China, Thailand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Germany. It was during this eighteen year period that he built his interest in foreign affairs. He now lectures on foreign affairs at Continuing Education programs across Georgia.


Natty Chalermpalanupap

Ph.D. Neuroscience in progress at Emory University

Natty is a doctoral student in Neuroscience at Emory University. She studies the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease, with a focus on the neural vulnerabilities that trigger the disease.


Howard Cohen


Howard has 35 years of experience in the music industry. He taught music at the American School in Rio De Janeiro, managed the Rizzoli International Music company, and was owner of an International Records and Music company.


Claude Collins

Claude is a retired businessman who spent most of his working career in the computer industry after serving four years in the air force. In 1969 he and seven other colleagues formed a new company which became a subsidiary of National Data Corporation in Atlanta. They were responsible for pioneering many of the credit card billing and fraud protection systems that are still in use today. In 1974 he began a new career in international trade, spending four years traveling throughout Europe. In 1987 he became the Chief Financial Officer of Dynasty Holding Company, a newly formed Chinese company in Atlanta. Since his company was owned by the leading company for Chinese foreign investments, he was placed in the unique position to see the start of what has become one of the economic miracles of the 21st century. He was very well known and respected by many of the national and provincial leaders in China. He has traveled extensively throughout China.


Jerome Cooper

BS Architecture, FAIA

Jerome is a founding principal and chariman of Cooper Carry, Inc. a 53 year-old architectural firm with offices in Atlanta, Washington, DC, and New York. He was a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and studied at the Universita di Roma in Rome, Italy. He has been honored with the Bernard B. Rothschild Award, the highest award granted by the Georgia Association AIA, as well as the Ivan Allen Award for Community Services. Under his leadership his firm has received over 100 design awards.


Milton Crane

B. A. Economics, Graduate work, Marketing, USAF, 1st Lt

Milton had a 44 year career with the Atlanta Market Center where he specialized in women’s apparel. Before retiring at age of 75, he became the Executive Director of Mart Relations and served as a liaison between manufacturers and retailers world -wide. His hobbies and interests include running, biking, hiking, tai chi, writing, and acting to name a few. Teaching at OLLI helps him to exercise his mind while enjoying the relationships of an eclectic group of interesting, talented and accomplished people.


Daniel Curry

Ph.D. Neuroscience in progress at Emory University

Daniel is a doctoral student in Neuroscience at Emory University. His research focuses on the neurobiological underpinnings of social behavior and the development of pharmaceuticals to improve social functioning.


George de Man

BA with minor in Law and architecture

George is a published poet, essayist and sculptor - - and has taught all three as interactive courses. His career was in advertising, but his major accomplishments are in the area of cultural developments: A Founder of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Co-chairman of Emory’s MARBL Board, Pres. of Out of Hand Theater, and Friends of Emory Forests. He lives near Emory where he has solo maintenance of several acres of pristine forest, travels widely, continues to publish, and is a Teaching Consultant for Emory.


Sal DePasquale

MCJ, MBA, Vietnam Veteran

Sal has over 30 years of experience in the analysis of security issues and development of security plans for industry and government. He has a strong focus in history to identify the underlying roots of contemporary conflicts.


William Dyke

BS Industrial Engineering, MBA, retired Officer United States Air Force

Bill is the co-author of The Decathlon Life: Tools for Crafting Your Retirement. For more than 20 years he has provided management development, marketing, consulting, coaching and training services. Earlier in his career he worked as an industrial engineer and manufacturing manager with Procter & Gamble and had a twelve-year career as a sales representative and sales executive with IBM. He has been a frequent business convention speaker and has written more than 20 magazine articles.


Lisa Edwards

Lisa has been a Communication Stylist/Personal Image Consultant for over 20 years. She has worked as an independent consultant and beauty advisor in the fashion/health & beauty industry throughout CA, OH, NJ, MD, and GA. Lisa has taught classes, seminars, and produced fashion shows.


Debbie Ellison

Debbie is the Director and CFO (Chief “Fun”ancial Officer) of Laughter for Wellness and a highly trained and experienced Laughter Trainer, Presenter, and Coach. She is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and trained with world-renowned medical doctor and founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria. Debbie is the creator of the annual Laughter & Wellness Conference in Atlanta. Debbie trains and certifies other Laughter Yoga/Laughter for Wellness Leaders and facilitates laughter clubs; and classes, trainings, presentations, and “play”shops on laughter, stress management, joyfulness, creativity, and healing writing for individuals, organizations, and corporations. She is passionate about helping people be joyful and well and lead better lives.


Saralee Fine


Saralee teaches literature courses at Kennesaw State University and Medieval through Renaissance as well as Shakespeare courses at Oglethorpe University. Shakespeare is her forte!


Leila Finn

Masters in Cultural Anthropology,
Stanford University Master Trainer -Chronic Disease Self -Management Program

Leila is dedicated to improved health and wellness and helping others through coaching to envision and realize their health goals. She has the following certifications: Duke Integrative Medicine certified Integrative Health Coach, YMCA Certified Lifestyle Coach for the Diabetes Prevention Program, ACE Certified Health Coach, YMCA Certified Wellness Coach, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She is also the founding co-chair of the Atlanta Chapter of the Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association.


Dorothy Fletcher

English Literature and German Studies; MA, Art History

Dorothy is a senior lecturer Emerita in the Art History Department of Emory University. She coordinated and taught broad survey courses, Art History 101 and 102 (prehistoric to contemporary art) for 45 years. She also directed the teacher training program for graduate students of art history and held the position of Director of Undergraduate Studies in Art History for 17 years until her retirement in August, 2013. In 2004, she was the recipient of the prestigious "Excellence in Teaching in the Humanities at Emory" award. She has also taught at Georgia State University, the High Museum of Art, and the Atlanta College of Art. Her areas of interest are 15th and 16th century Northern European art, and German Expressionist art of the early 20th century.


Bill Fletcher

Bill taught German language and literature at Emory for five years. Subsequently he was involved in various city planning activities in Atlanta until 1980, when he formed an award-winning cabinet and furniture design firm with his brother. Retired since 2011, he has since devoted his time to his long-term interests in Chinese furniture and Persian miniatures. Due to constant exposure to the subject during his wife’s long career in Art History at Emory, he humorously counts himself as an “honorary art historian.”


Ramon S. Franco


Ramon was born and raised in Atlanta and has had a life-long interest in the sciences, especially physics and biology. After completing his medical degree at Emory University Medical School and residency at UCLA he practiced facial plastic surgery in Atlanta until his retirement in 2009. Since then he has studied physics with special interests in Quantum and Relativity Theory, along with continuing his participation in medical conferences.


Edward J. Garcia


Ed has an extensive and diversified background in the field of human behavior. He holds both an under graduate and graduate degree from New York University. While living in NY, he was Co- Director of Clinical Training at the Institute for Advanced Study in Rational Emotive Therapy. Upon moving to Atlanta, he served on the faculty of the Communications Department of Kennesaw State University where he designed and taught classes. He has lectured and conducted seminars at 35 colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe. Conducted professional in-service training seminars at more than 60 hospitals and mental health centers throughout the U.S. Made guest appearances on national TV programs including ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's take it From Here. He also designed and appeared in a five hour TV presentation for WPBS entitled Developing Emotional Muscle. He recently served as a Nursing Development Consultant at Piedmont Hospital conducting in-service training programs with nurse preceptors. He is an accomplished sculptor and photographer. His fifteen foot three ton steel sculpture, Pathways to Wisdom, is part of Kennesaw State University’s permanent collection.


Dan Gasparrini

MS Nursing, Education Specialist

Dan has 16 years of experience teaching computers to older adults, including 5 + years teaching for the OLLI program. He is currently engaged in post graduate coursework in computer technology at Georgia State, and mentoring older adults one-on-one through a program he spearheads called: Wired


Timothy Gelinas

Timothy is President of Senior Financial Planning LLC and a member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. With 15 years of experience in the financial planning industry, he is the recipient of the Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction Award, the NAIFA Top 40 advisors under 40 award, and the Million Dollar Round Table award-Top of the Table three times. Timothy has numerous companies in production and has been nationally recognized.


Jane Goodwin

Jane studied piano at the Hartford School of Music and the Mannes School of Music in New York, as well as violin and music theory with conductor, Leon Barzin. She designed and made props for the New Orleans, Washington, D.C. and Palm Beach opera companies. For Palm Beach she also served as Stage Manager and Stage Director for the school productions until becoming the Production Manager.


Denis Gray

M.Ed., Technology Support Teacher

Denis received his Master's degree in Education from Cambridge College, Massachusetts. He has extensive experience in adult training and education, including working as a Technology Support Teacher providing training and technology support to high school teachers. Currently, Denis works as a web designer and leads mediation skills training to law and psychology professionals.


John Grunwell

BS Chemistry, PhD Organic chemistry

John received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania . He went on to receive his PhD in Organic chemistry from MIT. He was a Chemistry professor at Miami University for 41 years! He currently serves as a Professor Emeritus at Miami University.


Joy Hartsfield

BFA, Painting and Printing

Joy has taught college and continuing education courses since 1989 to those young at heart. She believes that the arts teach confidence, self-discipline and flexibility. 2014 marks the 35th year that she has won awards in juried festivals east and southeastern regions. She has also served as a guest lecturer while traveling in the United Kingdom sketching and painting on site. She calls herself a Fine and Fun arts artist


Steven Harbour


Steven received his law degree from Columbia University, served as law clerk to the Honorable Lewis R. Morgan, United States Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, practiced law for over 30 year, was an adjunct professor of business law at Kennesaw State University, and currently is Of Counsel to the law firm of Anderson Dailey LLP in Atlanta.


Ken Haskins

Graduate Studies in Kinesiology and Health; Personal Trainer certification

Ken is a Senior Personal Trainer at the Blomeyer Health and Fitness Center of Emory University and the Druid Hills Golf Club where he is responsible for the design and implementation of safe and effective physical exercise prescriptions including flexibility, cardiovascular and strength training. Clientele include individuals unfamiliar with proper exercise practices as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes. His duties require him to have knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and biochemistry; as well as a thorough understanding of the function and proper use of free weights and more than one hundred machines and pieces of equipment.


Kristine Huffman

PhD candidate: Biblical Archaeology, MA and BA in Education

Kristine is an educator and Biblical archaeologist who focuses on Egyptology and the Old Testament. She has traveled extensively through the region considered the Fertile Crescent and upper Africa. As an educator her passion is to share her travels, research, and knowledge regarding Ancient Egypt and the historicity of the Bible. Originally from New Orleans, Kristine now calls Atlanta home.


Trudy Kretchman

BA English, life-long student of literature and master gardener since 1981

Trudy received her English degree from Emory and spent 20 years with the Emory English Department as Administrative Assistant. She is a lover of poetry, literature, and gardens.


Leeann Lathrop

Teacher, previous Advertising Coordinator, and Antiques business owner

Leeann attended the University of Nebraska and started her teaching career in Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally, she worked as an Advertising Coordinator for a large real estate firm and as a bookkeeper. When she moved to Georgia, she returned to teaching and began her own business restoring antiques.


Bianca Lee

BA, MA, and MBA

Bianca worked in the telecommunications industry as a software engineer developing computer systems for more than two decades in Houston, Denver and Atlanta, USA. Since her retirement, she divides her time between Atlanta and Germany and pursues her passions: Yoga and Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement). She has been studying Yoga for more than a couple decades in various styles such as Iyengar, Krypalu and Pranakriya and has been teaching Yoga and Ikebana for the last several years.


Ron Lehman

MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Ron is an avid reader averaging eight books per month. His passion and interest in politics has developed through his reading.


Stephen Margolis

Ph.D. Toxicology

Stephen is a professor Emeritus from Emory University’s, Department of Health Policy and Management, Rollins School of Public Health. He served as Senior Scientist at the CDC; and Director of the office of Health Assessment for the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).


Judie Manulkin

Ph.D., Clinical Sexologist

Judie received her Master's in Education and her Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology. She has lectured about sex in U.S. universities and medical schools. She has also had numerous TV appearances on NBC and CNN and anchored a live Q&A on cable TV. Dr. Manulkin was a newspaper columnist and an educational video talking head. She spent four years in China traveling to lecture at universities, private companies, and government agencies.


Chris Martin

MA Psychology, Ph.D. Sociology in progress at Emory University

Chris recently completed his master's degree in Psychology at the College of William and Mary, and is now a doctoral student in Sociology at Emory University. He also has degrees from Davidson College and Georgia Tech, and has worked as an information architect at the Centers for Disease Control, Razorfish, and LBi.


Dan McIntrye


Dan has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has held senior management positions with two international financial services companies and trained other registered professionals. He is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor, a Certified Long-Term Care Advisor, and a Certified Senior Advisor. These certifications allow him to better assist his clientele with wealth accumulation and asset protection.


Harvey Meisner

Certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor

Harvey is a certified teacher and student under Wu Dang Master Yun Xiang Tseng (known as Master Chen), director of Chi for Longevity. He is endorsed by Master Chen to teach T'ai Chi 24 Movements and Qi Gong. Harvey has studied T’ai Chi and Qi Gong since 1996 with local Atlanta teachers as well as with Master Wei Lun Huang, of Florida. Since 2001, he has been a teacher of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong with Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi where he serves as Assistant Director. He brings a keen understanding of internal process and meditation to his work, as well as deep understanding of translating powerful athleticism into the slow, controlled and fluid movements of T’ai Chi. He values Qi Gong for its stretching, strengthening, and loosening characteristics. Harvey also has a deep understanding of the internal principles of meditation and internal qi (chi). He has studied and practiced Transcendental Meditation for 30 years and is well liked by his students and respected by his peers. Harvey is patient, knowledgeable, and wishes to share the art of T'ai Chi with all.


Carolyn Rose Milner

MFA in Drawing and Painting

Carolyn graduated from SCAD, BFA in Painting and Drawing, 2001; graduated from Georgia State University, MFA in Drawing and Painting, 2006. She taught at GSU, Art Institute of Atlanta, UUCA, and for special needs teenagers for the last 10 years. Her work has been bought by: High Museum of Art, Douglasville Cultural Center, Grand Consuls of Sigma Chi, Chicago, Stephenson Collection, and Geneva. She is also board member of, an online Atlanta arts magazine.


George Muse

BA Engineering, Military Captain U. S. M. C., Retired from NASA

George graduated with an Engineering degree from University of Tennessee. This degree enabled him to work with Dr. Werner Von Braun and his group of German engineers on NASA’s beginning Space Programs all the way through the Apollo Man on the Moon Program. He is uniquely equipped to provide first-hand accounts of the early NASA space program.


Pam Noud

BS Economics and Computer Science

Pam loves maps and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of World Geography. She has compiled images from around the world into pictorial lessons about other countries. Her classes are slide shows that interlace maps with photographs, so that students can learn Geography in a way that is both engaging and effective. In her spare time, she likes to rearrange furniture and rescue pit bulls.


Bert Parks

Prior to teaching 20 different classes at OLLI, Bert taught English at NYU, GSU, and Morehouse College. He loves to use literature, history, and the arts to gain a richer, deeper grasp of the mysteries of our brief journey together.


Susan Pillans

BA, MA in History and English

Susan taught in the Kentucky school system and worked at the University of Kentucky’s Student Affairs Office. Upon moving to Atlanta, she taught in the DeKalb County Schools before she joined the faculty of Marist School where she remained for most of her teaching career. Taking a leave of absence and then a retirement she taught school in England for four years. Presently she is taking and teaching classes in several Atlanta life-long learning programs. Her area of expertise is in all things British. Susan studied for three summers in Oxford and one in Cambridge England. She chaperoned Marist students on trips throughout Europe, and directed various plays each year at Marist and in the English school. Her hobbies include painting at Spruill Art Center, swimming, reading, traveling, good movies, and spending time with her grandchildren and friends.


Clark Poling

MA, PhD in Art History

Clark taught for thirty-three years at Emory University, serving as chair of the Art History Department, director of the Michael C. Carlos Museum, and Faculty Curator of Works of Art on Paper. He has published books and articles on the Bauhaus and on Surrealism and has organized exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. He lives in Oakland,CA, and has taught courses at California College of the Arts, Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes of the University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University, as well as Stanford’s Continuing Studies, and University of San Francisco. He has taught summer courses in France for Emory University and frequently lectures for museum audiences.


Marcia Rice

BFA Interior Design and Commercial Art

Marcia received her BFA degree from the University of Georgia in Interior Design and Commercial Art. From 1956 - 1973, Marcia did displays at Rice's Casual Shop (two stores). During the 1970's, Marcia took oil painting with Walt Martin, Instructor - Evening at Emory; Oil and Acrylics/Experimental Painting with Katherine Mitchell, Instructor - Atlanta College of Art; and took two courses at GSU for Teacher Certification in Art (Art for the Elementary School and a graduate course in Educational Psychology). From 1975 - 1982, she took courses at Emory in the Art History Department including Modern Architecture, History of Modern Art, Drawing and Pottery.


Brandt Ross

BA, Managing Partner at Corporate Finance Associates, Inc., President and COO of Corbin, Ltd.

Brandt has a BA from Marshall University and was Managing Partner at Corporate Finance Associates, Inc. of Southeast Atlanta, specializing in mergers and acquisitions. For 22 years, he held senior management positions becoming President and COO of Corbin, Ltd. He has served as a board member of the Third National Bank, The United Way, Family Services and several Chambers of Commerce. He was President of Marshall University Business School Advisory Board and helped found their internship program. His hobbies include 12-stringed guitar and folk music, history, genealogy, and baseball. He currently volunteers as a folksinger in retirement homes and as a financial arbitrator.


Larry Rubin

BA, MA, PhD in English

Larry prides himself on being a “total Emory product” receiving multiple degrees from the University in English. His degrees served him well as he taught English at Georgia Tech for 44 years! Now in retirement he continues to teach topics within his specialty of American Literature and Drama.


Mustafa Sahin

Ph.D. International Relations, Director of Academic Affairs at the Istanbul Center

Mustafa is the Director of Academic Affairs at Istanbul Center. He received his BA in International Relations at Bilkent University in Ankara and his MA in International Relations at Fatih University, Istanbul with a Master thesis on Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Palestinian Question. He received his PhD in International Relations at Florida International University, Miami where he wrote his dissertation on Turkish Islamic / social movements and how they view Turkey's place in the world (Turkey and neo-Ottomanism: Domestic sources, dynamics and foreign policy).


Rabbi Ari Sollish

Rabbi Sollish is a noted author and teacher and founder and director of the Intown Jewish Academy, a warm and non-judgmental community that gives people from a diverse spectrum of Jewish life the opportunity to experience the richness of their Jewish heritage through study and participation. Before moving to Atlanta in 2006, Rabbi Ari was the Managing Editor at Kehot Publication Society in New York, where – among other things -- he worked on transcribing, translating, editing and preparing ancient Kabbalistic manuscripts for publication. Rabbi Ari lives in Virginia Highlands with his wife Leah and their four sons, Noson, Mendel, Sholom and Shaya.


Herbert F. Spasser

DDS, Certified Wine Educator

Herbert is a retired dentist and former clinical professor of Endodontics at New York University College of Dentistry now living in Atlanta. He has traveled and visited most of the wine regions of the world. He is a Certified Wine Educator, member of the Society of Wine Educators, a Grand Commandeur of the Chaine Des Rotisseurs, and was Wine Advisor to the Restaurant Society of New York. He is a wine judge, lecturer, and writer, and has been teaching wine courses in New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta annually since 1976.


Bill Stanhope

Physician’s Assistant

Bill is an adjunct professor in the Institute for Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness at the Saint Louis University School of Public Health. Over the past seven years he has developed and taught graduate classes in Disaster Preparedness, Risk Assessment, Public Health Disaster Preparedness, Case Studies of Epidemics and Disasters and Medical and Public Health Intelligence. Prior to joining the Institute for Biosecurity he was professor and acting dean of the School of Health Sciences at Mare Island campus of Touro University where he established an Institute for Bioterrorism Preparedness. He was trained as a Physician Assistant at Duke University and holds a graduate degree from the University of Nebraska.


Robert Sullivan

BS, Chemistry, PhD, Chemistry, U.S. Army, 1956-58

Robert was born in New York City where he completed his undergraduate work at St. Johns University. He moved to Atlanta in 1962 and completed his PhD in chemistry at Georgia Tech. He worked at Coca-Cola Co. as a research and development chemist from 1958-1993.


Harry Vardis

BS Math; MS Industrial Psychology

Harry is the Director of the Center for Business Innovation and Creativity at The Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. He has conducted research and offered courses in the field of Innovation and creative thinking for the past 20 years. He teaches courses in creative thinking and created hybrid courses to expand MBA and Executive MBA students’ leadership abilities through creative thinking tools and processes. He is a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation, a Leader at the Creative Problem Institute and he is the founder and president of Creative Focus, Inc. a market research consultancy. Harry has authored a book titled Potatoes? Not Yet! 33 Ways to Grow and Harvest Your Best Ideas. His passions are sailing, photography and trekking.


Sue VerHoef

MA, Museum Studies Certificate

Sue is a Senior Archivist at the Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center. She has been researching her own family history for over thirty years and has presented genealogy workshops for many groups and institutions. Sue is an adjunct professor at the University of West Georgia and teaches United States history classes in Newnan and Carrollton.


Elisabetta Weber

MA Foreign Languages and Literature (Spanish, English and Italian) at the University "Ca'Foscari" in Venice.

From 1996-1998 Elisabetta taught Italian at the Cultural Section of the Italian Embassy and at the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid, Spain. She also lived in Germany and worked as an instructor in various Colleges for Adult and Continuing Education while studying and becoming fluent in German. In 2001, she immigrated to the U.S. and has been raising a family since then.


Carol Wien

MSEd. Special Education, MSEd. Art Education, BA Painting, AA Interior Design Technology

Carol was an instructor at the University of Miami School of Continuing Studies for 14 years, and a Special Education Instructor . In Atlanta, Carol served on the faculties of Georgia Perimeter College, The Art Institute of Atlanta, the former Atlanta College of Art, and Bauder College. She also served on the Fulton County Arts Council Museum Panel, Theater Panel, Individual Artist's Panel, as well as The DeKalb Council for the Arts, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Selection Committee, and Atlanta Press Club Member. Carol has earned numerous Graduate School credits from Georgia State University in Film History, Art History, Theater History, and English. She is the author of "The Great American Log Cabin Quilt Book.”


Michael Zeiler

Dr. Zeiler l is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Emory University. He came to Emory in 1969 following two years at the University of Iowa, having arrived there from Wellesley College where he taught from 1962 to 1967. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University , and Masters and Doctorate degrees from the New School For Social Research. His primary research area was in learning processes in both humans and non-humans. His teaching involved both that and the history of Psychology, which he has taught since 1962 at both undergraduate and graduate levels.


Susan Zoller

Masters in Education, Secondary in Science and gifted Ed; B.S. Bio Education

Susan taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World Religions and Theory of Knowledge in Gwinnett and Cobb Counties. She is a two time recipient of the Gwinnett star teacher award and was selected as the most influential teacher by her students. She has served as a minister under the Center for Spiritual Living in Hawaii, Colorado, and Atlanta, GA. She studied yoga with Dr. Valarie Wright, Hamsa Yoga Shala. One of her main interests is studying the intersection between world religions and science / quantum mechanics. She attributes her spiritual beliefs and yoga practice to successfully making it through a bout with cancer