Event Planning Certificate - Curriculum

Introduction to Event Planning

What does it take to be a professional event planner? This module is designed for those exploring the potential opportunities in the event planning industry, as well as for those already in the hospitality business who would like to grow their skill set to add value to their existing careers. Learn what is necessary to manage, plan and execute a successful event. Through practical knowledge provided by an expert in the field, become familiar with industry terminology and critical considerations for pursuing this program of study.

Crafting an Effective Event

All (effective) events begin with a message and a plan. We will look into the different types of events (social, corporate, festival, etc.) and what makes each successful. You will study how branding and messaging points drive are interwoven into every aspect of the guest experience and how events function to create a carefully defined atmosphere. We'll look at how the event marketing, invitations and registration fit into this atmosphere and review sample event flows to drive home the intended message.

Event Planning Tools

Logistics day brings you an overview of venue selection, vendor selection, and the tips and tricks to work in and with both critical elements. Understand contracts and how to negotiate the best deals to support your message. Develop effective and realistic timelines for event production. Consider the environmental impacts of events and how to minimize negative consequences. Special emphasis on selection and use of rental items and creating outdoor event spaces safely and effectively.

Event Technology

Get up close and personal with the latest in special event technology which can change and take an event to new levels. We'll explore technology on the backend (guest registration, planning software, etc.) and the tools-of-the-trade integrated into event environment including lighting, sound, and projection. Learn what it takes to do-it-yourself, choose environmentally friendly technology options, and how to speak a common language with technology vendors. Explore a 3D event CAD rendering program.

Exciting the Senses

The look, feel, taste, touch, and scents at a successful event are explored in this module. We’ll focus on menu selection, table design, and room décor (tying together the effective messaging, latest in technology, and the practical elements learned earlier) to complete the guest experience. Learn how to adapt ideas to fit your needs. Learn how to get top value from florists (and when you can do-it-yourself), and great tips to save money without losing the “wow” factor.

Event Planning Certificate Capstone

Put everything you learned to practice to create a virtual event. You'll be given a budget and clear objectives and everything you need to work out the details for the event. You'll design the invitation/marketing pieces, layout the event space, select venues/vendors, choose menus, construct the spoken program flow, create the event timeline, and more. Just like in the real world, you'll be thrown a few curveballs along the way, testing your ability to adapt to change. This body of work will serve as a virtual portfolio, demonstrating your capacity to produce events and understanding of event budgeting, logistics, and effective planning.