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French 102


In this course students will continue to build on the foundation begun in French 101. Students will learn and practice talking about places and activities around town; ordering food and drinks in a café; and discussing leisure activities, parties, and cultural celebrations. Students will begin to practice how to tell others about things that happened in the past. For those who have taken French 101 in this program, have had some exposure to French, or have a strong background in one or more romance languages.

The textbook for this class is D’accord! Volume I and will also be used in French 103. Textbook is not included in tuition. (*Access to the Supersite for online instruction and material is included in the purchase of this book through Vista Higher Learning site. Purchasing this book from another vendor will incur an additional cost of $25 for the use of the supersite.)

You may purchase either the Hardcover format with Supersite Plus (vText) Code (ISBN: 978-1-62680-264-3) or the Digital format with Supersite Plus (vText) Code (ISBN: 978-1-62680-215-5).

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing your textbook you will be asked to set up an account with the Publisher. Once you have paid for the book and receive your access to the online supersite you will also be asked to create a second account for the online access. Details regarding technology support and customer service can be found on the publisher’s website.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Learn functional phrases for talking about their plans and pastimes
  • Conjugate and actively use regular and irregular –re verbs.
  • Know rules governing language gender and number
  • Learn vocabulary related to the weather, seasons, and important dates
  • Learn to use functional phrases for talking about the past, stages of life, and interpersonal relationships

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