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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Certificate

Artistic Landscape Enhancements

Everyone appreciates a beautiful landscape. For weekend gardeners and landscape professionals, this course will teach the principles and elements of stunning, artistic landscapes. By developing a firm understanding of these concepts, participants in this highly interactive course will be able to approach dated landscapes and easily identify enhancements to maximize their home’s curb appeal.

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Describe what makes a landscape beautiful.
  • Explain what steps can leverage this knowledge to enhance dated sites.
  • Map and manage the impact of shade in the landscape.
  • Apply landscape industry best practices for installing enhancements.
  • Manage drainage and rectify erosion issues.

Landscape Design Certificate

Jump start your design skills by learning from working professionals who share what they have learned from more than four decades of designing and installing award-winning home landscapes.
  • Be able to create professional-grade landscape design plans—from start to finish.
  • Upgrade and enhance your existing landscaping skills to advanced levels of expertise.
  • Build your portfolio and resume with our unique content and projects, designed to improve your credentials.

Intended for hobbyists and amateur landscape designers alike, our program will provide both foundational and cutting-edge concepts and techniques for creating functional, crowd-pleasing landscape plans for any type of budget.

Sustainable Landscapes: How far am I willing to go?

A sustainable landscape design supports the healthy growth of trees, plants and grasses while promoting a balance with nature. Design and maintain your landscape to thrive as you do your part to help protect the ecosystem. In this class, participants will learn how to choose the right plants for the right places and perform the best sustainable maintenance practices to minimize inefficiencies, decrease the need for excess water and added chemicals to the landscape.

After this class, students will be able to:
  • Explain and apply the concept of “Right Plant/Right Place” and describe its impact on sustainability.
  • Describe the impact of making sustainable decisions regarding planning and maintaining the landscape.
  • Return to their own landscapes and immediately redesign areas where participants can make an impact on their environments.