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Essentials in Fundraising

Introduction to Fundraising

Modern philanthropy and fundraising concepts have evolved dramatically over the years. Our hands-on introductory course -- designed for nonprofit staff and/or board members -- provides critical insights and a practical guide to maximizing fundraising efforts. Included in the coursework will be tips and techniques to successfully identify industry trends, perform basic research functions, tailor fundraising approaches based on a multitude of factors, and effectively track campaign results.

After completing this class, participants will:
  • Be able to distinguish among current nonprofit and fundraising trends
  • Describe a successful fundraising cycle
  • Explain how to do basic research on donors and foundations
  • Differentiate your fundraising approaches based on the amount you need to raise and the purpose of your campaign

Section: INTROFUND (11MAY18) -- Learn More...
Start Date: May 11, 2018 End Date: May 11, 2018 Tuition: $395.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Christina E Lennon Register


This course takes the fear out of fundraising by providing step by step directions on how to advance the mission of your organization by increasing community support and donations. Over five days we will provide detailed instruction on how to create a winning development plan as well as the philosophy of successful fundraising and a landscape of philanthropy today. Much of the course will be discussing the different methods of fundraising such as Annual Fund, Capital Campaigns, Planned Giving, Corporate Giving and Special Events. Through a mix of theory and practical real world examples you will learn:
  • How to research potential donors and build your base of support
  • How to manage the fundraising process to be the most productive without getting overwhelmed
  • How to create messaging that appeals to the head and heart of your donor
  • How to retain and steward donors to create a lasting relationship
  • How to run a successful Annual Fund to ensure adequate operating support
  • How to involve and motivate volunteers to enhance your efforts

Throughout the class you will complete assignments that will help to build your fundraising portfolio. The certificate process will culminate with a Capstone which will be a total development plan for your organization. These exercises will give you a jumpstart on planning within your own organization. You will leave the class energized and prepared. If you are looking to enter the nonprofit job market you will have a portfolio to showcase as you look for a paid or volunteer position.