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Web Design and Development courses

Web Design with Dreamweaver CC 2017

Build websites without having to understand everything about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our practical three-day Adobe Dreamweaver course provides hands-on web design experience for those new to web design as well as experienced developers -- even graphic designers seeking to expand skillsets. The software can be used to create a single webpage, a full website, or a brand new web application.

Dreamweaver allows the creation of websites using a customizable and intuitive interface with quick access to workflow-critical menus and panels. Hand-coders now get hints, thanks to the recent introduction of the new coding engine. Real-time website previews are also available during the editing process in Dreamweaver.

This project-based class first delivers an overview of HTML and CSS -- the building blocks of the web. Students will then conceptualize a website and begin building responsive web page layouts adaptable to desktop, tablet, and mobile displays. Next up are content additions -- styled text, images, navigation, and other interactive elements including video -- to make designs more attractive and engaging before publishing the finished website to the Web for the world to see.


After completing this program, participants will be able to:
  • Explain how HTML creates the underlying structure of a website
  • Describe how CSS allows you to customize and format page layouts
  • Summarize how Dreamweaver helps you manage the workflow and relationships on your site
  • Evaluate tools such as wireframes and predefined layouts to help conceptualize your design
  • Create a webpage layout using DIVs, floats, and other coding elements
  • Identify the basics of selection, insertion, and placement of web images
  • Build site navigation using internal and external links including those for images and emails
  • Combine interactive elements such as forms and video to make the website more engaging
  • Prepare your site for publication by testing for broken links and accessibility
  • Publish your website online and synchronize changes between your local and remote servers