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Course Catalog

Digital Photography Electives

This catalog contains elective courses for the Digital Photography certificate. Different electives are offered at different points in the year.

Let There Be Light - Working With Portable Strobes

Learn to make use of small, portable electronic strobes on location to control lighting for your digital photography. Advance beyond the built-in flash on your camera to add light from various directions and to shape the light. Compare methods of triggering strobes: Optical, radio & infrared slaves. Explore such techniques as blending strobes light with ambient, rear-curtain effects and high-speed flash.

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Learn the benefits of small portable strobes in many situations
  • Add & shape light from various directions
  • Use various techniques with the strobes

Section: LIGHTSTROBE (21SEP17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Sep 21, 2017 End Date: Oct 05, 2017 Tuition: $350.00
Campus: Executive Park; Off Campus Instructor: Charles David Diener Register

Documentary Photography

Examine the practice of documentary photography from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Students will explore the idea of the documentary and how its interpretations are conveyed through media, journalistic approaches, and artists’ work. Topics include the photographer-subject relationship, content and ethics, photography-film interaction, camera functions and operation, lighting and flash, series development, and the critical roles of the documentary photographer. Students will utilize skills with an all-day photo shoot and develop an edited project with the aid of critiques and analysis.

After this class, you will understand:
  • Understand the variety of approaches, uses, and interpretations of the documentary image
  • Become familiar with the different challenges that a documentary storyteller faces regarding content and ethics
  • Learn basic camera techniques, lighting, and flash usage
  • Develop an idea that will be executed into a final series of ten to fifteen photographs

Sports and Action Photography

Whether you're a budding photojournalist dreaming of shooting professional sporting events or a parent just looking to take better photos of your kids playing youth sports, learning the fundamental concepts and creative techniques of sports and action photography can dramatically improve your picture taking skills. This course will introduce you to both the technical requirements and artistic flair you'll need to shoot great sports and action photos.

Students will learn about selecting the right equipment for sports and action photography and also learn about different camera settings to achieve the best results. In each class we will discuss different technical and artistic aspects of sports and action photography (e.g., exposure settings, focusing techniques, unique perspectives) and how to overcome common problems. We will review some well-known examples to determine what makes a compelling sports & action photograph. During the week between classes, students will be asked to attend a local sporting event of their own choosing and take photographs, applying the principles learned in class. Students will then bring some of their images to the next class to share and receive valuable insight and feedback from their fellow students. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss their photo successes as well as areas where they are having difficulties.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand how to use camera equipment commonly used in sports and action photography.
  • Adjust camera settings to get the best results when shooting sports and action.
  • Understand what makes a quality sports photograph.
  • Work around problems often encountered in sports and action photography.

Wedding Photography

This course will cover the concepts required to successfully photograph a modern wedding. We will cover a wide range of topics such as posing basics and photo styles, a wide range of lighting options available to photograph a wedding and an introduction into the business side of shooting a wedding. Emphasis is placed on a range of topics such as lighting (natural, flash, strobe), camera and lens choice, individual and group posing, print fulfillment, customer service, and marketing.