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Digital Photography 1

This catalog contains upcoming sections of Digital Photography 1. This course can be taken by itself or as the first course in the Digital Photography certificate program.

Digital Photography 1

Students wishing to participate in this course must have access to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. If a camera does not have an interchangeable lens and digital controls, it will not be appropriate for use in this course.

If you feel that you are not taking full advantage of the features offered by your digital camera, this is the course for you. Composition, selective focus, saturated colors and proper exposure all combine to produce images which make the best use of digital photography's tools. Digital technology has changed the field of photography more rapidly and dramatically than any previous technical advance. Ideal for the enthusiastic hobbyist or a serious amateur, we will focus on how the operation of digital cameras differs from their film counterparts through a combination of class lecture and photographic assignments. Learning how the camera capabilities apply to actual photo-taking and the impact of megapixel, file compression, and print versus email output will greatly enhance your success in photography. We’ll also begin exploring the more complex aspects of photography, such as lighting, composition, use of flash, color and depth of field. You will share your work in class to enhance the class discussion. You are encouraged to delay the purchase of supplementary equipment until after class discussions.

After this class, you will understand:
  • The idea of pre-visualization (what you see and how to capture it)
  • Digital camera controls and icons
  • Exposure and sharpness
  • Resolution and digital output
  • Composition techniques
  • The digital darkroom, including software, color management and workflow
  • Using the flash

Section: DIGPHOTO1 (02OCT17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Oct 02, 2017 End Date: Nov 06, 2017 Tuition: $395.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Charles David Diener Register
Section: DIGPHOTO1 (29JAN18) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Jan 29, 2018 End Date: Mar 12, 2018 Tuition: $395.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Billy Newman Register