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Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare courses.

Six Sigma for Healthcare Professionals

Emory Continuing Education’s Six Sigma for Healthcare Professionals course provides more advanced training in the use of Six Sigma tools and techniques designed specifically for application in the healthcare industry at the White Belt level. The course is taught by Six Sigma experts and provides methodologies which can be applied immediately through guided discussion and practical exercises designed in collaboration with a team of Emory Healthcare experts. Emory Healthcare is the largest, most comprehensive health system in Georgia and is ranked amongst the nation’s top hospitals for the 21st straight year by US News and World Report.

It is highly recommended that students complete the Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate prior to enrolling in the Six Sigma for Healthcare Professionals course. White Belt Certification training from other educational providers is also acceptable.

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Understand the evolution of Six Sigma and continuous improvement in the healthcare industry
  • Review and discuss current trends and opportunities to apply Six Sigma methodology in health systems for enhancing patient care delivery and support systems
  • Apply the Six Sigma process to real-world healthcare system challenges