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Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital Marketing Certificate required courses.

Capstone: Digital Marketing

You have learned about what is necessary to attract audiences to your Web products (using social media, search engine optimization, online marketing campaigns and online analysis tools). But can you manage a digital marketing campaign on your own? This course helps participants learn the process of creating a professional digital marketing plan including researching and developing your strategy and actualizing the plan for project management and communications development purposes. Participants will create a professional plan that can lead to a case study to serve as part of a professional portfolio. This course serves as the capstone requirement for the Digital Marketing Certificate program and is only available to certificate enrollees. Arrive at the first class session with an idea for the Web site project for which you will develop a digital marketing plan.



Section: CAP-DIGITALMKTG (13JUN17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Jun 13, 2017 End Date: Jun 22, 2017 Tuition: $475.00
Campus: GoToMeeting Instructor: Mary E Zimnik Register

E-Commerce Fundamentals

It’s one of the great dreams of running a website: waking up in the morning and finding that people have paid money for your goods or services. How can you make this dream come true? Well, we can’t guarantee that people will actually want to buy your replica Dusenberg hubcaps, but this course will describe the software and back-end support needed to enable people to buy from you via your website. We’ll discuss advertising, inventory, shopping carts, customer databases, payment options, fulfillment, and all the “glue” that holds it all together.
Section: ECOMMERCE (13MAY17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: May 13, 2017 End Date: May 20, 2017 Tuition: $695.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Brent Laminack Register

Email Marketing Strategy

In almost any organization, whether for-profit or non-profit, one of the most effective and inexpensive means of keeping in contact with your constituents is through email. In this course you will set up an account with an email provider, start building your list, create your first mailing and track results. We will learn about the pitfalls inherent with the CAN-SPAM Act, and the limitations of web-based email. In all of our discussions, we will emphasize best practices and white-hat techniques that won't get you labeled as a spammer.
Section: EMAILMKTG (07MAY17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: May 07, 2017 End Date: May 07, 2017 Tuition: $375.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Brent Laminack Register

HTML and CSS Level 1: Introduction

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are inseparable languages that together describe the structure and display of pages on the World Wide Web. Our foundation course introduces you to the syntax and explores techniques using both languages to create and format headings, body text, hyperlinks, images, tables, forms and more. Build your skills using hands-on techniques to develop the core components of an impactful and useful web presence.


After this class, you will be able to:
  • Create a basic, standards compliant HTML web page
  • Demonstrate methods for linking HTML pages together
  • Structure information using header, paragraph, list and other basic HTML elements
  • Generate images for displaying on a web page
  • Construct basic tables and forms
  • Produce a page's fonts and colors using CSS
Section: HTML/CSS-LVL1 (10JUN17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Jun 10, 2017 End Date: Jun 24, 2017 Tuition: $995.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Brent Laminack Register
Section: HTML/CSS-LVL1 (01AUG17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Aug 01, 2017 End Date: Aug 15, 2017 Tuition: $995.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Brent Laminack Register

Web Video Production Fundamentals

Video is hot on the web. Youtube is one of the top 3 websites in the world, and some estimate that 40% of internet traffic is currently video. In this one-day class we'll discuss some of the most common uses for video on the Internet and the best formats for each. The key project in this class will be setting up a mini-studio, shooting a video and uploading it to YouTube for all the world to see.

Section: WEBVIDEO (03JUN17) -- Learn More...
Start Date: Jun 03, 2017 End Date: Jun 03, 2017 Tuition: $375.00
Campus: Executive Park Instructor: Brent Laminack Register

Social Media Strategy

Social media can be absolutely essential for marketing exposure, brand awareness and revenue growth. These channels often present easy, inexpensive, effective and near instantaneous mechanisms to spread the word about your business. Unlike traditional marketing, social media requires a different and varied approach. Our course covers the fundamentals as well as how to leverage these outlets to accomplish your strategic goals. Key elements include audience building, content development, brand promotion, website traffic management and customer engagement. The course will focus primarily on the two most popular social networking websites: Facebook and Twitter.

Prerequisite: Experience with using browsers; knowledge of HTML or web design highly recommended; knowledge of graphic design applications (such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop) desired.

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Identify your target audience so you can connect with them effectively
  • Define a content strategy that aligns with marketing objectives
  • Select 10 Twitter influencers to leverage for a comprehensive and effective followers base
  • Describe a Facebook business strategy built to improve marketing metrics
  • Recognize blogs as part of the digital communications strategy
  • Utilize multimedia more effectively when connecting with target audiences
  • Formulate internal policies for social media including strategies for handling negative customer feedback

Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

Digital media is winning over traditional media for many reasons. One of these is the wealth of information and accountability that digital provides. In this two-day course we’ll see how to measure your website’s user interactions using Google Analytics. We’ll then outline a process of using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to gain insights into what your site’s visitors were searching for. We’ll use this information to further our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Choose an appropriate web analytic technology
  • Create a Google Analytics Account
  • Install Google Tracking Code
  • Verify Google Analytics is functioning
  • Interpret the Key Performance Indicators for their Analytics
  • Discover appropriate keywords for their site
  • Construct a Google Adwords Campaign