Alex H.

Nazir M.

Serge F.

Lechi B.

Devon T.

Ackeem E.

"My Interest in Business Intelligence (BI) was sparked while in my former role as a Senior Applications Analyst -- I had no idea what BI even was at the time. I found myself with a need for information not contained in any of the available reports supplied by our Analytics Department. Because the Analytics Department was in Geneva, Switzerland and I was in Atlanta, Georgia communication was less than ideal.

Motivated by my natural curiosity as well as frustration, I obtained the necessary account credentials to access the SAP BI APP use for our reports. Having no SQL experience at the time, I started off by reading the HELP information in the app. I used the stare and compare method to reverse engineer a query in a report to successfully obtain the information I needed. I was hooked, but I knew I needed a lot more training -- so I started looking for a SQL class to take, and that led me to Emory Continuing Education. After attending an information session, I signed up the next day.

Emory’s Business Intelligence program gave me the self-service BI skills used to transform raw data into actionable insight for improved decision-making through the creation of dashboards and visualization charts, and production of analytics reports. In October 2017, I began my position at Kaiser Permanente as a Business Intelligence Consultant. Completing this course was a huge step in making this career change!"

- James N.

"I would like to thank you for ECE’s great Business Intelligence program…[the coursework] provided me with enormous knowledge and skills, which I will utilize soon in a business analytics role. Besides the skills and knowledge, I feel more confident discussing with peers, employers and friends about my previous career experience and future objectives which resulted in landing a job at a Fortune 500 Company.

You have been so generous -- starting with the info session, during the program classes and yet even after the program has ended you are extending your support to schedule some extra help sessions!

I'm very glad that I enrolled in this certificate program, and I will definitely come back for more learning at ECE.

Again, thank you so much for the great program and I look forward to staying in touch."

- Nizar M.

"I would like to thank you for encouraging all of us to be part of Emory Continuing Education. The certificate I [earned] for Business Intelligence allowed me to move up in my career and I now work as a Data Information Specialist here at Emory University – it’s a good start for me as a data entry position. Thank you again."

- Salama M.